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LEZING || Hybrid humanitarian governance and development potential in refugee hosting regions in East Africa

LEZING || Hybrid humanitarian governance and development potential in refugee hosting regions in East Africa

The impact and effects of protracted refugee camps on their host environments in East Africa has been the subject of much academic attention since the late 1990s. Such camps are often viewed as isolating and secluding spaces,  while host societies perceive refugees as a burden and a security threat, and this often leads to claims for mitigation to compensate for the pressures that these camps place on their local environments. Recent analyses, however, posit such camps as hybrid spaces, with fluid and permeable boundaries, that provide socio-economic opportunities and have the potential to be drivers of development. This lecture focusses on how forms of humanitarian governance emanate from such camps and come to impact on their host environments, and come to co-govern and co-shape socio-spatial relations beyond the boundaries of the camp and the initial targets of humanitarian concern. More specifically we will critically analyse discourses and policies that regard these processes as opportunity for development and new forms of engagement as part of contemporary migration concerns and debates.

Bram J. Jansen is a lecturer with the department of Sociology of Development and Change at Wageningen university in the Netherlands, where he works on humanitarian, conflict and refugee issues. He conducted ethnographic fieldwork in East and the Horn of Africa, mostly in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan, and more recently in Jordan, and is actively engaged in humanitarian policy debates in the Netherlands. His research interests include the urbanisation of protracted refugee camps (on which he published a book in 2018 -Kakuma Refugee Camp. Humanitarian Urbanism in Kenya's Accidental City – Zed Books, London), aid culture and broader issues of humanitarian governance in protracted crisis situations.


  • Datum: 21 maart 2019
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