Belgium and nuclear sharing

Belgium is one of the five European countries with US nuclear bombs on its soil. In today's light it might be interesting to briefly outline how those weapons of mass destruction got in my country and why it is so difficult to get rid of them.

vrijdag 16 april 2021 - Ludo De Brabander
Nuclear arms central to NATO's identity

A U.S. nuclear weapon storage system at Volkel Air Base (photo: wikipedia)


Only gradually, nuclear weapons became a central part of NATO's military post-cold war strategy. In 2010 NATO proclaimed itself a 'nuclear alliance'. Today, the military alliance is waging a disinformation campaign with the false claim that the new Ban Treaty (TPNW) undermines the nuclear disarmament regime.

maandag 22 februari 2021 - Ludo De Brabander
Global NATO

Canadian Air Task Force Lithuania at Siauliai Air Base, Lithuania, September 7, 2014 (photo: Robert Sullivan)


In a multipolar world with several emerging superpowers, the military alliance seems determined to help maintain Western military, political and economic hegemony in the world.

maandag 22 februari 2021 - Ludo De Brabander
Defender 2020 – NATO 's war maneuver against Russia

Shipment, Savannah, US for Defender 2020 (Photo: Pfc. Carlos Cuebas Fantauzzi)


"Defender 2020" is one of the biggest war maneuvers since the end of the Cold War.

vrijdag 28 februari 2020 - Kristine Karch, Reiner Braun & Lucas Wirl
Ramstein of Rammstein?

Copyright Lucas Wirl


De Duitste band Rammstein bracht duizenden toeschouwers op de been voor een concert in Brussel in juli. Maar wist u dat de band zich vernoemde naar de gelijknamige militiare luchtmachtbasis Ramstein in Duitsland en dat ook daar duizenden aanwezig waren voor protestacties tegen o.a. de oorlogsvoering met drones?

vrijdag 12 juli 2019 - Pieter Teirlinck
Ramstein Protests in 2019 - No to war and Military Bases

copyright Lucas Wirl


First thoughts after the succesful actions at the Ramstein Airbase in germany, June 29th  2019. More than 5000 participants took part in the demonstration.

vrijdag 12 juli 2019 - Reiner Braun
Developments in NATO and Europe on nuclear arms and beyond

Action during NATO Summit Washington (Foto: L. De Brabander)


Militarism is on the rise. NATO is increasing its military spending. The EU is developing militarist structures and funding. Treaties and agreements have not prevented planned large scale investements in new nuclear arms. The international peace movement will have to deal with these dangerous developments.

dinsdag 23 april 2019 - Ludo De Brabander
Call for Actions on NATO Summit 2019

Protests at NATO Summit in Wales (photo: L. De Brabander)


NATO turns 70 in 2019 and will celebrate its anniversary on 4th April 2019 in Washington DC. The international network No to War – No to NATO calls for broad, creative and peaceful actions against NATO in Washington DC and worldwide.

dinsdag 16 oktober 2018 - No to War - No to NATO
Call for international actions against the NATO Summit, Brussels July 11+12, 2018

Make Peace Great Again!

As the world becomes more dangerous by the day, the need for action for peace has never been more vital.  With militarism on the rise, the need for a global people’s alternative – of justice, sustainability and peace – has never been more urgent.

vrijdag 09 maart 2018 - No To NATO
ICC* statement on Nuclear Disarmament

Foto: Ludo De Brabander


We celebrate the adoption of the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty in the United Nations Conference by representatives of 122 governments, the majority of the world’s nations. A step clearly supported by the Nobel Peace Prize committee.

zaterdag 09 december 2017 - No to war - no to NATO
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