wo 02 dec 2020
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WEBINAR || New military technologies: What about drones?

WEBINAR || New military technologies: What about drones?

As the cases of Yemen, Somalia, the conflict in Nagorno-Karabach, North East Syria, and so on demonstrate, remote warfare strategies often involve drones and are drastically changing warfare. While the proliferation of drones has increased over the last decade, international norms and standards on the use of drones is lacking. With Belgian Defense acquiring 4SkyGuardian drones that could possibly be armed, a serious debate to explore the ethical, political and legal dimensions of drones is desperately needed.

On December 2, we will discuss the challenges and risks Belgium could face when deploying new military technologies such as drones. In an online talk, experts, civil society and academics will address following questions: How will technological developments influence military interventions by Belgium in the future? How will the new military SkyGuardian drones affect Belgian operations? What does the use of this high-quality technology mean for civilians in war zones? What can Belgium do to ensure that international humanitarian law and human rights law is respected while using drones?


  • Yannick Quéau is director at GRIP (Groupe de recherche sur la paix et la sécurité) and a founing member of OSINTPOL, an endowment funds and a think tank. His expertise includes international security, arms control, strategic, economic and industrial dimensions of armaments.
  • Maaike Verbruggen is a Doctoral Researcher at the International Security Cluster. She specializes in Emerging Military Technologies, Military Innovation, and Arms Control. For her PhD she researches the enablers of and obstacles to Military Innovation in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Lode Lauwaert is a professor at the Institute of Philosophy (KUL). He focuses on the influence of new military technologies on notions such as responsibility and virtue (ethics).
  • Geert De Decker is Chief of Staff Air Component at Belgian Defence.


The online discussion will be held via Zoom Webinar. Registration is mandatory.

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